We are very pleased to announce that we will be releasing the Vinyl (with complimentary digital downloads) version of Confetti, A Lull’s debut album and follow-up to their debut EP, Ice Cream Bones we released in 2009.  Confetti  is available for preorder now and will be out officially on April 12, 2011. The CD and digital versions of Confetti are being released by Mush Records in the US and Something in Construction in Europe.

“Weapons Of War” from Confetti is available for free download on the 2011 sampler or stream the entire album here (http://soundcloud.com/a-lull/sets/confetti).

 Be sure to catch the last few dates of their Cold War Kids:

03/08/11 Ogden Theatre, Denver, Colorado

03/09/11 Granada Theatre, Lawrence, Kansas

03/10/11 First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota

03/11/11 Riviera Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

03/12/11 The Rave at The Eagles Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

03/14/11 St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, Michigan

03/15/11 The Blue Note, Columbia, Missouri