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These days we have everything at our fingertips--whatever we want, whenever we want it. In a society of immediacy, few things actually seem worth the wait. One might deduce that, indeed, no record is worth a 5 year wait, but thatís where you might be mistaken.

Five years, and one relocation (from D.C. to Seattle) later, The Out-Circuitís follow up record to 2003ís critically acclaimed Burn Your Scripts, Boys, is finally upon us. And Pierce The Empire With A Sound is well worth the wait.

The album boasts 10 tracks, each one different from the next, but all held together by one commonalityóbeauty. Whether the music is lulling you to dreamland or tantalizing your adrenaline, itís gorgeous. Itís like listening to the sound of the space inside you that youíre too afraid to share. In that way, the music is intimate.

Frontman and mastermind, Nathan Burke, holds to the bracing-yet-beautiful instrumental melodies that heís know for, but builds on those, positioning them opposite a heavier sound actualized by occasionally screamy vocals and a driving rhythm section. Collaborations with Dustin Kensrue of Thrice, Sean Ingramof Coalesce, Rachel Burke of Beauty Pill, as well as members of Roadside Monument, The Epochs, Haram, and more are only appropriate here.

Pierce the Empire With A Sound was mixed in September/October of 2007 by Teppei Teranishiof Thrice at his studio in Orange, CA. The record is currently available at, and will be available worldwide in February of 2008.

Pierce the Empire With a Sound (lujo056)
MP3 Across the Light
MP3 Come Out Shooting

Burn Your Scripts, Boys (lujo013)
MP3 Glasgow
MP3 We Will End