Matt Agrella Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Smith Bass
Joshua Mikel Drums
Ryan Slate Guitar
Dave Pinkham Keys

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Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to put words to music.  I'm not talking about lyrics, I'm talking about journalism.  With some artists, categorization comes easy. With a band as unique as Look Mexico, it's no walk in the park.  And perhaps that's not just because the music is so unique--it's also heartfelt.  This is a band that will enter into a crowd during a show or even play sitting down from stage.  They'll take time with fans after shows.  They'll even manage to worm their way into the heart of the oldest guy there.  Just ask my dad.  With Look Mexico there's no pretense and it's never us versus them.  Instead we're all in this crazy thing together and this music is as much ours as it is theirs.

Unique? Check. Heart? Check.  But want to know the craziest part?  Look Mexico has talent, too, and their latest offering, Gasp, Asp, is proof of this.  

The Floridian quartet has undergone some physical changes since they released the markedly mature debut full-length, This Is Animal Music in 2007. Line-up additions include Ryan Smith on bass and Dave Pinkham on keyboards.  Both contributed to the new EP as did old bassist, Tyson Kuhloff.  You might imagine that the presence of two new players would be evident in the music--and you'd be right.  For those already familiar with the band's sound, lets just say the EP begins with a violin intro.  And you thought Look Mexico was good before.  

"As we were developing a new live sound, we realized that it could call for an even broader instrumentation for the EP including cello, organ, rhodes, trombone, trumpet, violin, and wurlitzer... while still not separating ourselves from the rock-and-roll core of the band, " comments Matt Agrella.

And they haven't.  While Look Mexico has undoubtedly sharpened their songwriting skills, tightened the instrumental interplay and broadened their experimental horizons since This Is Animal Music, Gasp, Asp, still embodies that indescribable vim and vigor that only youthful ambition and enthusiasm can spark. 

Look Mexico is one of those rare examples where the sum of its parts is greater than any individual contribution, where each kinetic, angular guitar note rings out, dancing around rippled bass lines while songs are propelled by spring-loaded drums and served up to the listener with warm, sincere pop hooks. Alone, Matt Agrella, Ryan Slate, Josh Mikel, Ryan Smith, and Dave Pinkham are talented musicians. Together as Look Mexico, they are unquestionably something special.

Perhaps the most striking change in the band’s evolution is their grasp (not to be mistaken for "gasp" or "asp") of discriminating restraint, allowing songs to breathe and blossom into something truly distinct while still embracing that playful, boundless nature that Look Mexico has always been known for. Gasp, Asp gives nods to driving, post-punk and complex math-rock without ever blatantly shoving it down your throat. Yes, the guitars intertwine and jitter flirtatiously and the dynamic rhythm section is tireless, but beneath it all, these are pop songs -- albeit pop songs with an unpredictable, impetuous slant -- and the band weaves its music around mountains of unforgettably catchy hooks.  Matt Agrella’s voice is earnest and heartfelt; it’s certainly the focal point here, but one that allows for brightly swelling crescendos, subtle starts and stops and surging-yet-intricate textures that make Look Mexico’s music burst with vitality.

Sure Gasp, Asp is a serious piece of sonic art.  It's unavoidable when you're as good at the music making thing as Look Mexico.  Still, songs remain lively and rollicking, delivering the animated, eclectic punch that only this band could give.  They'll always be the carefree boys we've grown to know and love, and as they continue to push their musical progression with their feet planted firmly on the ground, there's no artistic height they won't reach.  

Matt Agrella (vocals, guitar), Ryan Smith (bass), Josh Mikel (drums), Ryan Slate (guitars), and Dave Pinkham (keys) are Look Mexico. Gasp, Asp was produced by Phil Martin (One Small Step for Landmines) and Look Mexico, and was engineered and mixed by Phil Martin with additional engineering by August Hansen.  Gasp, Asp was mastered by T.J. Lipple (Aloha) at Inner Ear Studios in Washington, DC.  Gasp, Asp will be released digitally worldwide from Lujo Records on September 2, 2008 to coincide with a national tour.  7-inch single (featuring 3 of the 4 songs) will be released the end of September 2008 by Tiny Engines.

Gasp Asp (itunes) (lujo066)
MP3 You're Not Afraid of the Dark Are You?

The Crucial Collection (lujo057)
MP3 Whose Ship Is This
MP3 Guys I Need A Helicopter

This Is Animal Music (lujo052)
MP3 You Come Into My House
MP3 Done And Done