Baby Teeth play Southern-fried anthem rock minus the beer bellies and bandana, so even though falsetto wails from the hollows of a glittering stage, don’t let the irony fool youthey mean every last bit of it. The band made this particular EP on a dare for each of the three members to write a song in isolation, the only rule being that the title had to be “Heather.” In a way, these three songs are broader than a regular album because you get to witness all the chops that usually get left on the editing floor. Jim Cooper made sparkles gallop across the horizon; Peter Andreadis made a slinky cowboy, umbrella-drink jam; and front man Pearly Sweets composed a deeply mellow, tender experience. Also included is a brand new song performed by the whole band and a remix of “End of Actress” from he Baby Teeth Album. Need we say more?
Track Listing:
1. For The Wars
2. Heather Via PS
3. Heather Via JC
4. Heather Via PA
5. End Of Actress (DJ Hugsen Kissus Remix)