A Lull

A Lull’s Meat Mountain signifies new freshness, growth and maturity. The Chicago-based band is always changing, trying to evolve from what it was, into something exciting and new. During the recording of Meat Mountain, the quintet sought to achieve more by using less. While previous recordings often relied on creating “walls of sound,” Meat Mountain employs open space as an instrument as well. Most of the core instrumentation was written live, recording demos, rehashing and rebuilding. The band continued to diversify its sound by discovering synth tones that seemed to almost feel like throwback sounds, but new all the same. There was more experimentation with elements such as saxophone solos, flute riffs and even cymbals into the recordings for the first time. The resulting music therein is more sincere and more transparent in Meat Mountain than any of A Lull’s previous work.

After extensive touring throughout 2011 and early 2012 with bands such as Cold War Kids and Gauntlet Hair and the release of A Lull’s debut full length album, 2011’s Confetti, the band dedicated time in early 2012 to record five new songs. The EP was written, recorded, produced & mixed by the band.

Recorded in the unseasonably mild winter months of Chicago in 2012, the songs feel warm, rambunctious and full of warmth and summer. The songs feel tighter, while organic poly-rhythms lend clarity and life to the music. Lyrically, Nigel Evan Dennis sings of simpler things. A woman wearing a summer dress, crooning, the dichotomy between fascination with and the distance from the super models that we idolize. He sings of fighting and friends. Meanwhile, a some other songs tread into darker territory with ruminations on the thought of what it would be like to be kidnapped and the terrifying notion of serial killers and creative inadequacy. Lyrically, the songs of Meat Mountain create pictures of scenes, fears, obsessions, love and longing.

The album artwork was created by scanning a chuck-eye cut of steak. The steak was then cooked to medium doneness and eaten. The artwork for the EP is an attempt at being every bit as iconic as unique. Utilizing illustrations by Bill Connors, the art matches the overall feeling and aesthetic of the EP, somethings that are hopeful, somethings that we are all scared of and something things that are a part of everyday life. Released on single-sided LP, the package was meant to be seen in this scale.

“Meat Mountain” is available June 26, 2012 via Lujo Records.

Meat Mountain – EP

Vinyl LP / Digital

Released 6.26.12


Vinyl LP (CD Mush Records)

Released 4.12.11

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Weapons For War EP

Digital EP (Mush Records)

Released 3.1.11

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Ice Cream Bones EP

CD / Digital

Released 5.9.09

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Weapons For War from the forthcoming album “Confetti” (lujo091) / Download

Skinny Fingers from “Ice Cream Bones” (lujo075) / Download


Bluebrain is the new project from brothers Hays Holladay & Ryan Holladay. These brothers have been producing music for years. Under aliases, they’ve remixed artists like Ra Ra Riot and The Death Set. They’ve performed live as past projects (most recently The Epochs) with Spank Rock, Lady Sovereign, The Walkmen, and The Violet Femmes.

As The Epochs, the brothers were based in Brooklyn, garnering much attention locally and nationally for their unique and extremely catchy blend of pop-rock stylings. Now as a duo, they’ve returned to their hometown of Washington DC, turning the production spotlight on themselves once again to create Bluebrain’s debut LP, Soft Power.

Soft Power is a sprawling record intent on not staying in one place musically for very long. From the seething string arrangements found on “Caught Up In The Laughter” to the pummeling rythms of “Ten by Ten”, Bluebrain gracefully moves in and out of musical styles with a confidence few artists convey. Lyrical content varies from the fantastical to the macabre. Songs about obsessive behaviors, lucid dreaming, and yes–even organ harvesting– go hand in hand with the unique sonics found on the record.

The first single from Soft Power is “Ten By Ten”. It is available now for purchase on iTunes along with additional tracks “Caught Up In The Laughter” from Soft Power, and b-side, “Bring Out Your Dead”.

Soft Power
CD / Digital
Released 2.9.10

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Cult Following EP
CD / Digital
Released 1.12.10

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Ten By Ten – Single
Digital EP
Released 7.25.09

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Ten By Ten from “Soft Power” (lujo083) / Download
Bring Out Your Dead from “Cult Following” (lujo081) / Download

Death House Chaplain

Death House emerged in 2002 in the creative mind of Matthew Holl–a somewhat unassuming character who gets down on the guitar like few people you’ve ever seen or heard. He had formally fronted LA rock band, Robot. When that project disbanded he set his mind on creating a band with more of a raw, angular sound, and some serious-meets-tongue-in-cheek lyrics to match. Holl asserted this band be a three piece to help with the raw sound and to give space to the music. He solicited the help of two friends and the determined to write a record.

Drive Through Disaster Relief was what resulted from their efforts. The self-released debut record was written in the wake of the September 11th tragedy. When writing the record, Holl struggled to create music that would make sense out of what he saw to be a completely senseless world. Without the answers, he wrote songs stream-of-consciousness. His aim wasn’t to save the world or even make you feel good. Holl wanted to simply convey the message of “my head’s a mess, I’m usually not OK, and if you feel this way too it’s perfectly normal.”

Soon after the full length, the band was offered a development deal with Sony Records. They put a small demo together, but no record deal actualized. Shortly thereafter, the other two members left the band. But this wasn’t R.I.P for Death House.

Over chicken and chips at El Pollo Loco one night, friend, fan, and soon to be drummer, Ben Heywood, convinced Holl to keep going as DHC, and offered his services as a drummer. Just like that, the band was off and running again.

The new DHC got down to business, booking shows and perfecting their powerful and aggressive guitar-rock sound. Comparisons to Television, The Cure, The Who, US Maple, The Minute Men, and a plethora of others are not uncommon, but are few and far between because the band really doesn’t sound like anything else out there. Holl’s voice is edgy and unrefined a la Isaac Brock sans lisp and all the anger. Guitar work is driving and off-beat, but somehow maintains its pop sensibilities. Drum beats are unexpected in a way that makes the music entirely interesting. Because of the unrestrained sound, the bass lines really stand out in the mix. In fact, you’ve never heard bass like this.

At the end of the day, Death House Chaplain is a band that believes there is still hope for this world—that the future is a canvas we all help to paint. This is not music for the faint of heart.

Of Asthma was released on Lujo Records March 11, 2008.

Of Asthma
CD / Digital
Released 3.11.08

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Capture The Flag from “Of Asthma” (lujo058) / Download
Until No Carp from “Of Asthma” (lujo058) / Download

Discover America

I want to make white man spirituals. I want to give names to the ghosts, as a way of saying “we know who you are”. I want to explore facets of our lives that are bestial, as well as ones that are angelic. i want to make guesses about who you are. I want to arrive slowly, and leave swiftly. I want to peer through the largest telescope, squint through the most powerful microscope, and see infinity stretch in both directions. I want to somehow recognize our significance in spite of this. That’s a tough one. I want to turn stones and cringe. Not because it feels goods. It does not feel good, but it’s the right thing to do. I should de-construct what was built while i was sleeping. I want to laugh at our position on the map. I want to stop obsessively searching for truth, and appreciate the ambiguity of living a human life.

Discover America’s second full-length “future paths” comes out in early 2010!

Future Paths
CD / LP / Digital
Released 4.27.10

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Devil In The Woods
Digital Single
Released 1.15.10

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Songs For Sale EP
Digital (Self Released)
Released 12.20.08


Untitled EP
Digital (Self Released)
Released 5.5.08


CD / Digital (Tooth & Nail)
Released 4.26.05


Split  with Suffering & THT
7″ (Make Break )
Released 2004

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Force of Proper Wind from “Future Paths” (lujo085) / Download


As 2008 drew to a close Joey Cook found himself stuck in a weird cave in Cincinnati, Ohio. Having become wedged inside an old coyote rib cage, his cries for help were eventually heard by the native, Sophia Cunningham. When she first got to the cave she was bored and angry, but was finally persuaded to help Joey instead of pushing a boulder on him. Upon being rescued by the barely-English-speaking Sophia, they began practicing songs together for the Supreme Mountain Wizard, who is seer and knower of all. At first the Mountain Wizard was outraged by their insolence, but thought he recognized Joey from another band of musicians from the forest, named Pomegranates, so he decided to grant these young Firs their wish to be sent up and melted into the stars. After only a few months in their new burning homes Firs have already finished a self-titled five song e.p., and a short album bearing the title “I Will Come Back As A Volcano.”

In 2009 Lujo records will also be releasing their new album, “Man In Space” — the narrative of a man they met while floating in the desert of the great unknown.

Empty House EP
Free Digital Ep
Released 1.11.11


Man In Space
CD / Digital
Released 8.18.09

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I Will Come Back as a Volcano
Digital EP
Released 5.1.09

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Firs EP
Digital EP
Released 5.1.09

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The Descent from “Man In Space” (lujo078) / Download
Whale In The Night from “I Will Come Back As A Volcano” (lujo077) / Download

The Gena Rowlands Band

THE GENA ROWLANDS BAND is a DC all star band…don’t believe us? Check out the band lineup:

Bob Massey – voice, guitar, piano – has played with the Out_Circuit, Telegraph Melts, Tsunami and others
Jean Cook – violin and viola – has played with Beauty Pill, Ida, Jon Langford, Jenny Toomey and others
David Durst – organ, keys – has played with Maritime, Troubled Hubble, Likeness to Lily, Fast Eddie and others
Eric Axelson – bass – has played with The Dismemberment Plan, Maritime, and Statehood.
Jason Caddell – lead guitar – has played with The Dismemberment Plan, Cex, Rose and others.
Vin Novara – drums – has played with A Perfect Souvenir, Canyon, Crownhateruin.
Amy Domingues – cello – has played with Fugazi, Mary Timony, Jenny Toomey, Garland of Hours and others.
Luther Gray – drums – has played with Ida, Tsunami and others.
Johanna Claasen – double bass – has played with the Most Secret Method, Lincoln, and others.
Eric Bruns – clarinet – has played with EBSK, American Workplace and others.
Lary Hoffman – vibes – has played with Aerialist, Mr. Lary and the Kids and others.
Danielle Seiss – flute – has played with Paradigm9 and others.
Brian Fending – udu – is a mysterious man.

THE GENA ROWLANDS BAND plays songs about b-movie starlets, x-movie starlets, waitresses, people born in the wrong skin, blonde strangers, barstool wisdom, bad parties, hope in the face of long odds, and the Man in Black looking back at the love of his life.

“These songs are barstool ruminations about women, wine and faith,” says Bob Massey. “Because all three can be sources of mystery or revelation. And they’re all intoxicating, in their own ways.”

“It’s tragic, hilarious, brilliant writing,” says the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette of The Gena Rowlands Band. “A stunner,” says Miami New Times. “Every song is great,” according to The Houston Press.

Flesh and Spirits is The Gena Rowlands Band’s third full-length recording for Lujo Records. It’s is the band’s most focused, cohesive, and catchy work yet.

To create his finest album yet, GRB ringleader Bob Massey assembled a virtuosic band of Washington, DC’s most acclaimed musicians. GRB regulars Jean Cook (who also plays with Beauty Pill, Ida, and Jon Langford) and David Durst (Maritime, Fast Eddie) were joined by Vin Novara (formerly ofCrownHateRuin, Oswego and Canyon) as well asJason Caddell and Eric Axelson (formerly of The Dismemberment Plan).

The result is eleven instantly memorable songs built on Massey’s trademark lyrical formula that combines dry wit, darkness, and glimmers of love and light. If the band’s debut (La Merde et Les Etoiles) was the soundtrack for a night of heartache, Flesh and Spirits is the jolt to get you out of bed in the morning.

Flesh and Spirits was recorded and produced by Chad Clark of Beauty Pill (Dischord) and TJ Lipple of Aloha (Polyvinyl) of Silver Sonya, in Washington DC’s legendary Inner Ear studios.

The GRB has toured with Andrew Bird, Enon, The Dismemberment Plan and others. In March 2007 the band will make their third appearance at SXSW in Austin, TX, as part of a tour of the southwestern U.S. A tour of the entire U.S. will follow in May 2007.

The Gena Rowlands Band are graduates of the Washington D.C post-punk community. But what you hear is utterly unexpected. Strings stolen from a b&w movie score or New York’s experimental scene. The skitter of jazz brushes. A voice that draws more power from a whisper, a wry lyric, or a soulful falsetto than a scream.

Flesh & Spirits
CD / Digital
Released 4.10.07

iTunes / Lujo Store

The Nitrate Hymnal
CD / Digital
Released 5.14.06

iTunes / Lujo Store

La Merde Et Les Etolies
CD / Digital
Released 1.4.05

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Love For Want Of A Lesser Word from “Flesh and Spirits” (lujo049) / Download
Flesh And Spirits from “Flesh and Spirits” (lujo049) / Download
The Last Words of Lesley Gore from “La Merde et Les Etoiles” (lujo019) / Download
Kong Meets His Maker (A Parable on Dating) from “La Merde et Les Etoiles” (lujo019) / Download