The Torches "Authority Of" LP - Out Now!

The Torches “Authority Of” LP – Out Now!

Download this: “You Sucker” Download this: “Blood Money” Washington DC’s, The Torches, have finally released their debut LP. This is a follow-up to their well-received (and now out of print physically, but still available digitally) debut 7″/EP. Frontman Stephen Guidry comparisons to Tom Waits are easy but a bit lazy. Guidry is a native born...
Yourself and the Air "Spirit Mixers" - Out Now!

Yourself and the Air “Spirit Mixers” – Out Now!

Download this: “Great Outdoors” Download this: “Home Photo” If Cajun spirit isn’t your style, head West to Portland where the boys of Yourself and the Air have just released their first full length, Spirit Mixers. After four EPs, countless tours, a slight lineup change and a relocation by way of Chicago, this release perfects the...

New Vinyl Store!

If you’re clever, you noticed that we’re linking to a new webstore. Yep, we’ve opened a new Vinyl Webshop thanks to our friends at We’ve said “so long” to CDs (for the most part) and our remaining stock after our fire sale earlier this year. Our new store features all of our Vinyl releases...
Mouse Fire's Novel "Dreamer's and Thieves"

Mouse Fire’s Novel “Dreamer’s and Thieves”

Mouse Fire frontman, Shane Schuch, is a budding novelist and his first book is available now. From the Description ” Dreamers and Thieves ” is a roaring dark comedy twisted up into a tragic tale of memories, all told by a man who died far too young, who lingers on, watching the world through his...
Meat Mountain Reviews Coming In

Meat Mountain Reviews Coming In

“Meat Mountain” is out now and we are starting to think that people are loving it! Thanks to everyone for the kind words they’ve shared for this great EP. Pitchfork Bowlegs Ear Buddy …Just for starters! Keep ‘em comin’!
Meat Mountain Out Today

Meat Mountain Out Today

The much-anticipated EP from Chicago darlings, A Lull, is out today. Finally. Provocatively titled, Meat Mountain, the music follows suit and is nothing short of seductive. The raw meat pictured on the cover art is alarming – and be alarmed. This is A Lull at their very best: experimental, sexy, driving. Anything but boring. All...