The second full length (first for Lujo) from ex 238 frontman and current member of Telekinesis Chris Staples’ Discover America.

I want to make white man spirituals. I want to give names to the ghosts, as a way of saying “we know who you are”. I want to explore facets of our lives that are bestial, as well as ones that are angelic. i want to make guesses about who you are. I want to arrive slowly, and leave swiftly. I want to peer through the largest telescope, squint through the most powerful microscope, and see infinity stretch in both directions. I want to somehow recognize our significance in spite of this. That’s a tough one. I want to turn stones and cringe. Not because it feels goods. It does not feel good, but it’s the right thing to do. I should de-construct what was built while i was sleeping. I want to laugh at our position on the map. I want to stop obsessively searching for truth, and appreciate the ambiguity of living a human life. – Chris Staples

Track Listing:
1. Force of a Proper Wind
2. 1979
3. Devil in the Woods
4. When You Were Young
5. Sawdust In My Clothes
6. Interlude
7. A Lock of Samson’s Hair
8. Time Is A Bird
9. Brighton Beach
10. Out of the Valley