The Torches "Authority Of" LP - Out Now!

The Torches “Authority Of” LP – Out Now!

Download this: “You Sucker” Download this: “Blood Money” Washington DC’s, The Torches, have finally released their debut LP. This is a follow-up to their well-received (and now out of print physically, but still available digitally) debut 7″/EP. Frontman Stephen Guidry comparisons to Tom Waits are easy but a bit lazy....
Yourself and the Air "Spirit Mixers" - Out Now!

Yourself and the Air “Spirit Mixers” – Out Now!

Download this: “Great Outdoors” Download this: “Home Photo” If Cajun spirit isn’t your style, head West to Portland where the boys of Yourself and the Air have just released their first full length, Spirit Mixers. After four EPs, countless tours, a slight lineup change and a relocation by way of...
The Torches

The Torches

The Torches were cobbled together by Stephen J. Perron Guidry in the late winter of 2009 as his other band, The Cassettes retreated into temporary hibernation. Looking to find a repository and fertile crescent for the music that had been shaking around behind his eyes for some time, the net...
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New Pomegranates LP

New Pomegranates LP

Some of you may recall that our last sampler featured a track from a “TBA” forthcoming 7″ from Pomegranates”.  Over the last few months the idea for the 7″ morphed into a 10-song LP called In Your Face Thieves/Chestnut Attic. It is available digitally (itunes, amazon, etc ) and as a 12″ vinyl LP (lujo...
Bluebrain's Second Location Aware Album - "Listen to the Light" Central Park NYC

Bluebrain’s Second Location Aware Album – “Listen to the Light” Central Park NYC

The second in Bluebrain's series of location-aware albums, entitled 'Listen to the Light' and designed for Central Park in New York City, will be released on October 4th in the App Store.
Yourself & The Air On Tour NOW & Who's Who in the Zoo Out NOW

Yourself & The Air On Tour NOW & Who’s Who in the Zoo Out NOW

Check out the latest tour dates, press reviews and get two FREE songs from Yourself & The Air here!
Bluebrain: The National Mall

Bluebrain: The National Mall

ANNOUNCING ‘THE NATIONAL MALL’ The First Location Aware Album FULL PRESS RELEASE: (Separated by 4-part poster series designed by Waxfang) Washington DC-based music duo Bluebrains’ latest release is not a standard album in the sense that it can be listened to passively in one sitting or, for that matter, at any location. Rather, it is a...
Yourself & The Air - Who’s Who In The Zoo Preorder/SXSW dates.

Yourself & The Air – Who’s Who In The Zoo Preorder/SXSW dates.

Who’s Who in the Zoo is the new mini album/EP from Lujo newbies, Yourself and the Air. It’s available now for preorder in our store! (LINK).   From the bio: “With Who’s Who In The Zoo, Yourself And The Air have refined their palette and honed their sound, making music that is immediately inviting and brings...
New 2011 Sampler Available Now!

New 2011 Sampler Available Now!

Brand new sampler featuring tracks from our 2011 roster, including new songs from Yourself & the Air, Bluebrain, A Lull, Pomegranates, Firs, John Lamonica,  MRENC, and more!  Click here for more information and to download.