The Torches "Authority Of" LP - Out Now!

The Torches “Authority Of” LP – Out Now!

Download this: “You Sucker” Download this: “Blood Money” Washington DC’s, The Torches, have finally released their debut LP. This is a follow-up to their well-received (and now out of print physically, but still available digitally) debut 7″/EP. Frontman Stephen Guidry comparisons to Tom Waits are easy but a bit lazy....
Yourself and the Air "Spirit Mixers" - Out Now!

Yourself and the Air “Spirit Mixers” – Out Now!

Download this: “Great Outdoors” Download this: “Home Photo” If Cajun spirit isn’t your style, head West to Portland where the boys of Yourself and the Air have just released their first full length, Spirit Mixers. After four EPs, countless tours, a slight lineup change and a relocation by way of...
The Torches

The Torches

The Torches were cobbled together by Stephen J. Perron Guidry in the late winter of 2009 as his other band, The Cassettes retreated into temporary hibernation. Looking to find a repository and fertile crescent for the music that had been shaking around behind his eyes for some time, the net...
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Bluebrain - EP Update/Shows/Solo

Bluebrain – EP Update/Shows/Solo

Bluebrain are putting the final touches on their follow-up to Soft Power, an EP featuring the track, Restriction, which happens to be the first track on our 2011 sampler.  They are also preparing for two more mind-blowing live performances on April 2.  This time in collaboration with Post Secret and the Artisphere.  More info here....
Pomegranates - LP4/EP2/RaRaRiot & Fake Problems Tours

Pomegranates – LP4/EP2/RaRaRiot & Fake Problems Tours

Pomegranates are getting ready to begin recording their fourth album and have started a Kickstarter page to help raise money so that they can finance the recording.  The boys had a bit of a hard year last year due to some unfortunate circumstances (like being robbed) so please check out the page here. Also in...
Firs - Free Ep/Upcoming LP

Firs – Free Ep/Upcoming LP

  Pomegranates’ frontman, Joey Cook, is back at work on his other project, Firs.  In 2009 we released an album and a pair of EPs by Firs.  Joey is currently busy writing and recording a new album that we will be releasing as singles–the first of which is available on the new sampler–before eventually releasing...
A Lull Vinyl and On Tour With Cold War Kids

A Lull Vinyl and On Tour With Cold War Kids

We are very pleased to announce that we will be releasing the Vinyl (with complimentary digital downloads) version of Confetti, A Lull’s debut album and follow-up to their debut EP, Ice Cream Bones we released in 2009.  Confetti  is available for preorder now and will be out officially on April 12, 2011. The CD and...
Baby Teeth - Free Ep/Associated Projects

Baby Teeth – Free Ep/Associated Projects

Baby Teeth, have released a brand new free EP called Boss at that is a spiritual successor to the Heathers EP from 2006.  Like with the Heathers EP, all three members wrote and recorded a song at home, without sharing it with the others. The catch? This time each song had to be titled...
MRENC - Free Digital Singles/Vinyl Album

MRENC – Free Digital Singles/Vinyl Album

Eric Collins, former frontman of Lujo mainstays, The Dark Romantics  is releasing new music all the time.  See below for links to his recent singles (all of which are free).  Lujo will release these singles (with additional songs) both as free downloads digitally and on vinyl later this year. All money generated from these “pay...
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