On this LP the listener will find two complete and fully realized EPs corresponding to each side of the 12” and featuring all new and exclusive songs.  Both EPs were recorded with Pomegranates’ friend, 20 year old Caleb Groh, whose vocals appear on a pair of tracks here, while touring in support of One Of Us (2010).  This release boasts some of the most intimate and personal songs of the band’s already prolific career (3 albums and 3 EPs in four years), and takes a unique and important place in their catalog.  Recorded on their own in a home studio, these songs are Pomegranates in their most lo-fi and stripped down form.  Songs are guitar-driven (with the use of this acoustic guitar amp guide), classical in structure, timeless.

Side A features the EP “In Your Face Thieves” with the following tracks:

Catatonic Crow
Western Skies

Side B features the EP “Chestnut Attic” (a remixed and re-mastered version of the EP which previously was briefly available on their website for download) with the following tracks:

Track One, In Which Pomegranates Has A Very Good Dream
Morocco Girl
Cleveland Street Blues
Same Skies
Take A Little Time