“A youthful, open-eared quartet enlivened with a kick-ass record collection, ceiling-less imagination, ragger guitars, and songwriting chops for days. – SPIN

Everybody Come Outside! is the shimmering and dreamy new album from Cincinnati art-pop denizens Pomegranates. These boys broke on the scene last year with their debut full length, Everything Is Alive. Everybody Come Outside! shows a marked improvement both creatively and sonically from its predecessor, channeling influences that range from Talking Heads and Brian Eno, to French Kicks and Fela Kuti. It’s a conceptual album of sorts, weaving an interesting tale of a man who leaves home, only to be abducted by a time traveler. Everybody Come Outside! was recorded by Pomegranates and mixed and mastered by TJ Lipple of Aloha (MGMT, Headlights, Minus Story).

“…songs that will challenge you, make you swoon and also make you peer out longingly into the twinkling stars up above on a clear-lit night.” – DAYTROTTER

Track Listing:
1. Everybody Come Outside
2. Beachcomber
3. This Land Used to be My Land, But Now I Hate This Land
4. Southern Ocean
5. Sail (Away with Me)
6. Corriander
7. 384 BC
8. Svaatzi Uutsi
9. Jerusalem Had A Bad Day
10. Tesseract
11. I Feel Like I’m a Million Years Old