Download this: “You Sucker”
Download this: “Blood Money”

Washington DC’s, The Torches, have finally released their debut LP. This is a follow-up to their well-received (and now out of print physically, but still available digitally) debut 7″/EP. Frontman Stephen Guidry comparisons to Tom Waits are easy but a bit lazy. Guidry is a native born son of the Cajun Coast of Louisiana and “The Authority Of” is rollicking, swamp-fueled rock! Where else you gonna hear oboe, banjo, accordion, and harmonica? Band members previously played with Travis Morrision Hellfighters, Parlour Scouts, and Soft Complex. Let them transport you to a turn of the century creole cookout along the Acadiana Bayou where swamp trash musicians, possessed by the sprits of John Lydon and Ian Sevnonious play their hearts out! Grab “The Authority Of” today.

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