The Torches go the easy route and call their first ep “The Torches,” but consider it a formal introduction to the band. You’ll get to know their dramatic (melo- and otherwise) ways quite quickly here, and in less than an hour.

The official story: “DC-based ramshackle roots-rock collective The Torches will release their debut self-titled EP on August 24th via Lujo Records both digitally and on 7-inch vinyl. Cobbled together by front man Stephen J. Perron Guidry in 2009 while his band The Cassettes took hiatus, The Torches is a mix of friends old and new, banjo, oboe, harmonica, cello, saxophone, guitar, several-part vocal harmony and cacophony, not to mention some hollering and stomping.

The 6-song EP opens strong with The Torches’ special brand of raucous verve on “Mister Vampire,” followed by sweet group vocals boosting Guidry’s raspy croon on jaunty “Daughter Leg.” The group shows the softer side of their rough and tumble spirit on “The Coming Rain,” and southern-inspired closing track “Antax (Broke Down Busted)” ends things with a heartfelt, age-old tale of feeling down and out. ”

Track Listing:
01. Mr. Vampire
02. Daughter Leg
03. Wish You Well
04. Coming Rain
05. Steerpike
06. Artax (Broke Down and Busted)