The Torches were cobbled together by Stephen J. Perron Guidry in the late winter of 2009 as his other band, The Cassettes retreated into temporary hibernation. Looking to find a repository and fertile crescent for the music that had been shaking around behind his eyes for some time, the net was cast wide and drew in friends both old and new. Strung together is a ramshackle and revolving group that includes banjo, oboe, harmonica, cello, saxophone, several-part vocal harmony and cacophony, as well as some hollering and stomping.

Members of the band have also played with The Travis Morrison Hellfighters, Cataract Camp, the Parlor Scouts and the Soft Complex. If you insist, they have been described as a combination of “Tom Waits, The Make-Up, the Sex Pistols and Temple of the Dog.” The Torches played their first show without ever having all been in the same room at once.

7″ Record / Digital
Released 8.24.10

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Live on Liveblack
Free Digital Album
Released 9.29.10


Bedroom Demos
Free Digital Single
Released 2.14.09


Mr Vampire from “The Torches 7″/Digital EP” (lujo086) / Download