Click Here To Download “Trampolines” From I Guess I’m Floating.

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Tour Dates

7/08 – Replay Lounge – Lawrence, KS
7/09 – Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO
7/10 – Kilby Court – Salt Lake City, UT
7/14 – Aclub – Spokane, WA
7/15 – Comet Tavern – Seattle, WA
7/16 – BackSpace Cafe – Portland, OR
7/19 – Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco, CA
7/20 – Muddy Waters – Santa Barbara, CA
7/25 – The Mohawk – Austin, TX
7/26 – City Tavern – Dallas, TX
7/27 – Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK
7/28 – Firebird – St. Louis, MO
7/29 – Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA
7/30 – 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis, MN

Check out what the Press is saying about the record:

The Onion AV Club
“Yourself And The Air creates the kind of laid-back indie rock that could be played into the middle of riots to get everyone to chill out. Much the same as getting kisses from a puppy, it’s just really hard to be angry when you hear Yourself And The Air. The Chicago trio piles up layer after layer of sound, supplementing guitar, bass, and drums with keyboards and samples to build a wall of mellow—think Sonic Youth on tranquilizers.”
“Chicago’s Yourself And The Air deliver another dazzling set of indie rock ecstasy with their latest EP, their first for, indie label, Lujo Records. Front man, Erick Crosby’s achy, passionate vocals and flailing guitar, inspired by The Cure, dazzle on the lovely “Trampolines” for a strikingly unique sound.”

The Owl Mag
“Instrumentally they’re a textured sonic pulse that’s not  unlike The Album Leaf during their contemplative moments, but also like Explosions In The Sky with that omnipresent guitar build-up that slinks and reverbs forth. They also have this psychedelic thing going for them, kind of like Animal Collective or The Antlers”
“Who’s Who In The Zoo grazes the tip-top stratosphere of sound so well that you’ll never want to come crashing down.”

“Songs to think to. Songs to dream to.”

Atlas and the Anchor
“Yourself and The Air create an organic blend of intricate and dreamy indie rock with spacey atmospherics on their excellent fourth EP Who’s Who In The Zoo”

I Guess I’m Floating
“….if you’re longing for the cool breeze Mother Nature is so reluctant to give, young Chicago outfit Yourself and The Air can give you temporary sanctuary…”

“Yourself and the Air produces this shimmery kind of guitar-driven rock and roll that feels personal”

Illinois Entertainer
“— you don’t meld The Cure, Les Savy Fav, No Knife, and Modest Mouse and come away with cream pie. No matter which pieces they move — darting counter-melodies, chugging barre chords, restrained half-time — Friend Of All Breeds has a worried heart, certain it has been mistreated and desperate to understand why.”

“The delicious music created by suburban Chicago 5-piece Yourself & the Air is urban and jangly, yet spaced-out with a dreamlike quality — akin to the soundtrack to a twisted kids movie delivered with an eerie calm, climactic structures and relentless rhythms.”

Tiny Mix Tapes
“Like The Pixies, Yourself and the Air are experts at building songs around distinct guitar movements that shift seamlessly into one another on a smooth rotation. Best of all, they do it without sounding like a shallow imitation…”

“This Chicago group defines the pure essence of indie rock with well-crafted songs that stand out on their own and simply use the music to speak for itself.”

Parade Of Flesh
“YATA’s guitar arrangements make seemingly tangible ripples throughout their songs, like a sonar beam blasting through the stretches of spacy beats and sparkles of tinkling vibraphone.”
“Yourself and the Air play a surprisingly mature and thoughtful brand of indie bearing more than enough melody and wistfulness to get by.”

““Friends of All Breeds” serves as evidence that there’s more original material to be made by this band, but as first steps go, the record is rather impressive. The dual guitarwork, intricate, clean for the most part, has the most lasting impact.”

Heave Media
“Friend of All Breeds is a labor of passion above all else, and a signal of great things for Yourself and the Air.”
More Info:

Hailing from Chicago’s lower west side, Yourself And The Air combine Midwest atmospherics with the sweeping sprawl of a skyward city built on electricity and steel. Take flight over Lake Michigan and this is your soundtrack. Songs to think to. Songs to dream to. At one moment the infinitesimal line between water and sky, the next the buzzing neons of the boulevard at night, escaping crowded bars for desolate alleys — you and a memory, Yourself And The Air.

Yourself And The Air are three friends who’ve toured a majority of the U.S. and parts of Canada crammed in a van, lugging their own gear, sleeping outside, crashing on fans’ floors, cooking pasta for pals, hopping hotel fences to swim in pools, drawing on the walls of bathroom stalls. They’ve played with the likes of Chairlift, El Perro Del Mar, Peter Bjorn And John and Portugal. The Man, among other artists. And with three EPs under their belt in as many years (¡Hola Mi Cielo! [2006], Cold Outside Brings Heavy Thoughts To Think [2007], Friend Of All Breeds [2008]), Yourself And The Air will release Who’s Who In The Zoo on Lujo Records in the spring of 2011 — their first for a label — which they performed and recorded themselves in one month after thousands of miles of touring took them through 42 American states. Erick Crosby, Jeff Papendorf and Drew Rasmussen holed up in their empty Chicago house, using the comfort and space of their own home as a studio and relying on the very same instruments they grew up with to cut the seven tracks that comprise the 32-minute EP.

Who’s Who In The Zoo finds the band with a renewed sense of confidence while still capturing the effervescent swirl listeners know and love them for — ambient trails followed by blasts of ozone, digging in and out of different aural pleasure centers in effortless cadences. Melodies shimmer like mirages, haunt like ghosts. Reverb guitar notes hang and transfix. Keys float loosely over firmly rooted drums. With Who’s Who In The Zoo, Yourself And The Air have refined their palette and honed their sound, making music that is immediately inviting and brings to mind the spectral state between consciousness and slumber.